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Also see the development page on launchpage here: https://launchpad.net/zim


Zim is completely free software, free as in open source and free as in free beer. However if you feel like stimulating further development of zim, you can make a donation using the paypal button below.

In the paypal form there is a link "Suggestions and Comments" (it is a bit small but it is there when you confirm the donation). Feel free to use this text field to tell me what is on your whish list for future development. I can not promise to implement every feature that gets mentioned in a donation, but it will certainly be taken into consideration. If enough funds come in we will set up bounties for other developers that want to work on nominated features as well.

User Manual Updates

Updates for the user manual can be submitted in the wiki or as patches (see below).

Translation updates

See translations on how to update translation files.

Development planning

The development planning is more or less managed using the launchpage bug tracker and launchpad blueprints


The simple way to create patches is to download the source tar ball for the latest release. After you are done hacking take a diff (use "diff -rwu") and mail it to me.

If you want the full revision controlled source tree you will need the Bazaar version control system. To check out the current tree from launchpad run:

$ bzr branch lp:zim

This will give you a local copy to hack on. When working on a large feature please commit changes to your local branch regularly so we have a detailed log of what changed later on. When you are done there are two ways to get the changes merged with the main code:

First option is to upload your branch as a new branch to launchpad and file a merge request. This way everybody can see your work, improve upon it and the merge request will trigger us to look into it.

For small patches the quicker alternative is to run:

$ bzr send -o some-description.patch

and mail the resulting file to me.


To join the zim mailing list you need to join the "zim-wiki" team in launchpad. This mailing list is used for synchronizing releases and the occasional brainstorm session. But feel free to mail all your comments, questions and rants to me personally as well.