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Zim is completely free software, free as in open source and free as in free beer. If you want to express your gratitude a small email is always appreciated. However if you feel like making a monetary donation, you can make a donation using the PayPal button below.

In the PayPal form there is a link "Suggestions and Comments" (it is a bit small but it is there when you confirm the donation). Feel free to use this text field to tell me what is on your wish list for future development. I can not promise anything, but it will certainly be taken into consideration.

Since expenses on Zim are low and I do want to put the money that comes in to good use, any donations beyond a small buffer will be donated in turn to the International Red Cross (via the dutch national branch). This way they will not only contribute to stimulating better open software, but also to more pressing needs.

User Manual Updates

Updates for the user manual can be submitted in the wiki or as patches (see below).

Translation updates

See translations on how to update translation files.

Development planning

The development planning is more or less managed using the bug tracker


Please see our GitHub repository for the latest development code. To submit patches please create your own branch and once done file a merge request.


To join the zim mailing list you need to join the "zim-wiki" team in launchpad. This mailing list is used for synchronizing releases and the occasional brainstorm session. But feel free to mail all your comments, questions and rants to me personally as well.