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As a special feature notebooks can be "mounted" automatically when opened. This can e.g. be used to connect with remote drives or unlock an encrypted drive when zim is trying to open a specific notebook.

Config file

The paths to be automounted and the commands to mount them are configured in a config file "~/.config/zim/automount.conf" (see Config Files for alternative locations).

The config file has a group for each path, followed by options. Currently, the only supported option is a "mount" command. For example, if you have an Ubuntu setup to encrypt the "~/Documents" folder, you can create a config file with the following two lines:

[Path ~/Documents]
mount=xterm -e /usr/bin/ecryptfs-mount-private

The result will be that whenever zim tries to access a notebook stored under the Documents folder while that folder is not decrypted, it will prompt a terminal window to ask for the password and then mount the folder. If it fails, you still get a "notebook not found" error.

Similarly, you can configure various scripts of your own design.