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Zim supports lists with checkboxes instead of bullets. These look like:

As you can see in this example checkboxes can have 5 states: [ ] open, [*] checked as completed, [x] checked as not completed, [>] checked as moved and [<] checked as moved back. States can be toggle by clicking the checkbox with either the left mouse button or using the keyboard with <F12> and <shift><F12> respectively.

To start a checkbox list type on an empty line '[]<space>' or '()<space>', this will automatically insert an open checkbox. Similarly you can type checked checkboxes using '[*]' or '(*)' and '[x]' or '(x)' respectively, followed by '<space>' or '<tab>'. Lines that start with a checkbox behave like bullet list items, so you can indent by typing <tab> after the checkbox and when you press <enter> the new line will start with an empty checkbox automatically.

There is an option in the Preferences to have checkbox lists behave recursively. This means that the state of items with a sublist reflects the state of all child items. Checking the parent will check all child items, and checking the last child item will check the parent item automatically.

The Task List plugin regards checkboxes as TODO items and can give an overview of all open checkboxes in a notebook.