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No dependencies.


This is a simple template intended as a base for custom styles. It has an inline style definition that is intended to match the (default) look of zim.

Template with a little more color than "Default". It is intended to convert a set of pages in an online presentation quickly. Simple javascript included for some basic keybindings:

Enter             next page
Spacebar          next page
backspace         previous page

This is a plain template intended for printing pages. It is used by the "Print to Browser" plugin.

"SlideShow (S5)"
Template based on S5. S5 is "A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System", which means a slide show system completely written in HTML and JavaScript. Therefore, these slide shows can be presented using a browser and be put on a website. See the S5 website for more information.

When using this template, each new "heading 1" on the page will become a new slide. When exporting multiple pages to a single file each page becomes a slide. But within a page, you can also have multiple "heading 1" headings to start new slides.

Template Options

No template options available.