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Portable Install

To allow running zim in a "portable" install, you can configure the environment parameters which zim to e.g. looks up resources and Config Files with a special configuration file call environ.ini . This config file must be placed in the same folder where the zim script or zim executable is installed. The file can contain a section [Environment] where each key maps to an environment parameter.

When loading this file, the values are interpreted as file paths relative to the install directory. Also, environment parameters are interpreted as "${NAME}".

Thus a valid file could look like:


This example overwrites the location for the home folder and for the default configuration folder. It also modifies the PATH to first look in a local folder before going to the default locations. And it changes the language in which zim will run.

Note that on windows paths need to be separated with a ";" instead of a ":".

This config file is parsed using the standard python library "configparser", not by the zim configuration library.