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This plugin allows you to evaluate arithmetic expressions in a zim page.

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.

See also: the Inline Calculator plugin which does something similar


You may do standard arithmetic operations in a document,
ending the operation with an equals sign, for example:

5 x 3 + 1 =

Single spaces may be used between the quantities and the
operators for clarity. Two or more spaces, or a colon
delimit an operation, like here: 100 + 1 =

You may use 'x' as the multiplication symbol in most
cases, or '*' if you want.

Operations can be... (2+7)x5 = anywhere!

Press <F5> now to obtain the results of all calculations
in the document. If you go up and modify some number,
press <F5> to recalculate.

You may do standard arithmetic operations in a document,
for example, assign values to two variables:

height = 20 width = 30

And define a formula: area = height x width

To obtain the result of the formula, press <F5>:

area =

<F5> also updates the result of the area below,
after one of the values is modified: height = 25

area =

Other examples of formulas, try modifying the values of f
and c will change after updating with <F5>:

c = (f - 32) x 5 / 9

f = 212 c =
f = 100 c =
f = 70 c =
f = 32 c =
f = -40 c =