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Diagram Editor

The diagram editor allows you to insert and edit diagrams based on GraphViz. GraphViz (or "dot" as the program is also referred to) uses a basic script language to define diagrams. This plugin adds a dialog where one can define a diagram in this script. The dialog shows a preview of the rendered diagram and when the diagram is finished it can be inserted in a zim page as an image. You can always edit it later again by selecting "Edit Diagram" from the context menu (right-mouse-click on the diagram will show the context menu).

Dependencies: This plugin requires GraphViz to be installed. In specific the "dot" command should be available in the system path.


For example a diagram like:

Can be created by entering the following definition in the dialog:

digraph G {
  foo -> bar
  bar -> baz
  baz -> foo

For full documentation of the script language see: http://www.graphviz.org/


This plugin has the following options: