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Distraction Free Editing

This plugin adds settings that help using zim as a distraction-free editor.

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.

See also: Usage:Creative Writing


The option Hide menubar in fullscreen mode toggles the visibility of menubar in fullscreen mode.

The option Maximum page width sets the maximum width of the pageview in pixels and the option Border width sets a margin in pixels along the top and bottom of the screen.

The options Text background color and Text foreground color set the color scheme for the fullscreen mode. These settings affect the base colors, see also Config Files for more options to change the color of links, headings etc.


The effects of this plugin are only seen in fullscreen mode. Some widgets are hidden and the pageview is layed out in the center of the screen with a fixed maximum width. To fully enter distraction free mode you should also hide any side panes, although you can choose what panes you need while editing.

Useful keybindings to use in this mode:

<F11> to toggle to fullscreen mode and back to normal window
<F9> to toggle side pane visibility
Shift<f9> to show all side panes
<Ctrl><Space> optionally to temporarily access the index and hide it again

Of course all other keybindings keep working, but less discoverable when the menubar is hidden.