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Insert Symbol

This plugin adds a dialog to insert special symbols and characters. It also enables autoformatting for these symbols and characters.

Shortcut codes for autoformatting are shown in the tooltip in the dialog. So for example the typing shortcut "\alpha" as a single word in the editor will replace this shortcut by the unicode character for the Greek letter alpha. Similar typing "-->" as a single word will be replaced with a unicode symbol for a right arrow.

In some cases you want to be able to type a character without the trailing whitespace, e.g. when you want to type a formula with several greek letters. In this case the ";" can be used to close the sequence, so typing "\alpha;" will result in the greek letter alpha without any trailing whitespace.

The list with shortcuts can be edited using the button in the dialog or by opening the config file "symbols.list" in a text editor. You may need to restart zim in order load the edited file.

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.