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Quick Note

The "Quick Note" plugin offers a dialog for inserting quick notes into a notebook. It can be invoked from the commandline and can therefore easily be bound to keyboard shortcuts or used in scripts.

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.

Commandline: zim --plugin quicknote [OPTIONS]


--notebook URI         Select the notebook in the dialog
--page STRING          Fill in full page name
--section STRING       Fill in the page section in the dialog
--basename STRING      Fill in the page name in the dialog
--append [true|false]  Set whether to append or create new page
--text TEXT            Provide the text directly
--input stdin          Provide the text on stdin
--input clipboard      Take the text from the clipboard
--encoding base64      Text is encoded in base64
--encoding url         Text is url encoded (In both cases expects UTF-8 after decoding)
--attachments FOLDER   Import all files in FOLDER as attachments, wiki input can refer these files relatively
--option url=STRING    Set template parameter