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Source View

This plugin allows inserting 'Code Blocks' in the page. These will be shown as embedded widgets with syntax highlighting, line numbers, etc.

Dependencies: This plugin depends on the gtksourceview package. On Ubuntu this dependency can be satisfied by installing the gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 package. If the 3.0 version of the library is not available, zim will try to load version 4 of the library.


This plugin has the following options:

If Auto indenting is enabled, the widget will try to automatically set proper indenting while typing code.

If Smart Home key is enabled, the Home key will go to the start of the line taking into account indenting.

If Highlight current line is enabled, the current line in the widget is highlighted.

If Show right margin is enabled, there is a margin drawn on the right to guide the maximum length of a line. Typically the margin is set at e.g. 72 or 80 characters.

Text wrap mode allows you to choose how line-wrapping is handled.

Right margin position gives the position of the right margin in characters.

Tab width gives the width of a tab in spaces.

Border width gives the width of the border around the code block in pixels

Theme gives the name of the gtk theme in use for the syntax highlighting.