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Superior Table Operations

Markup in a cell

The main toolbar buttons for formatting are disabled. You have to know the special syntax and insert it directly within the textbox.
While editing:
After formatting:

Common formats

bold, italic, highlight, strike through and and verbatim

**bold**, //italic//, __highlight__, ~~strike through~~ and ''verbatim''

Special characters

\\n Newline
\| | Character

Links in a cell

[[foo]]		Internal Link

Note: Only one link per cell can be opened. The first one is taken.

You can not use a special link text. The link text must be a URL, a mail-address or the title of a linked page.
A link can be accessed with:

See also: Syntax for Links


Exporting filters for Plain, HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText, Latex has been also adjusted for the table plugin.

Limits of widget's integration