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Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal Method was created as a pen & paper toolbox for rapidly logging whats going on day to day as well as organizing days, moths, years and projects into meaningful documents. It is a specific way of keeping a Daily Journal.

It's strongly recommended to read the basic intro online before continuing.

Daily logging

The easiest way to manage daily logs is to just use the calendar plugin

Tasks for a day can be managed using task bullets to signify

Weekly Planning

There are multiple options to handle Weekly Planning in Zim

Monthly Planning

Monthly Panning is best done shortly before the last day of the month.
Its a good opportinity to migrate tasks to the next month or future log as well as migrating tasks from the future log to then next months.

Future Log

The future logs is best created as subpage of each yearas in the bullet journal method it gets migrated every time a new Journal Book is started.
Anectodal evidence says its common to use 2-3 Jurnal books per year so migrating the future log at least once per year helps to rearrache/repriorize the items in that log.